2018 Ukraine reports

2018 Ukraine reports

Grace English Club established through the local church

Vova started a new Seekers bible study that grew out of the Grace English Club 

3rd Hope English School in Ternopil in March

1st Hope English School in  Kryvyi Rih in April

Hope English Camp in the mountains as a follow up to the  School in March where HFTWF brought a team for the first time.  Many decisions for Christ were made at this camp.  

Hope English camp took the Kryvyi Rih school to the Sea of Azoz.  One young lady gave her heart to Christ  

A new car was purchased for Laura to be able to drive and help carry their family and teams to the different English schools and Camps.

We did not understand for so long about how you can minister the gospel through teaching English.  When we took a team to Ukraine in July, we were able to experience the bonding and true ministry these camps and schools provide.  The churches who help, are charged with gathering people from the community through advertisements or whatever means necessary and try to bring those that do not know much about being a Christian to these camps.  These are mostly adults that come, and you have the opportunity for 5 days to build releationships with them and then share your testimony of what Christ has done in your life.  Hope for the World Ukraine bears most of the expenses for these camps, but when these people leave the camp, they have clearly heard how Christ can change their lives.  


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