HFTW Albania 2018 Report

HFTW Albania 2018 Report

Tirane orphanage – 17 decisions for Christ

Birthday Celebrations have been one of the very best projects of the year.  The orphanage has opened doors for lots of new kids this year, and most of them have never celebrated birthdays, so doing this for them, it’s just wonderful. Most of the new ones this year have been living on the street and didn’t have a home, so they didn’t even know what was a birthday party, and it was all just for them!!!!

Hope Center  – 29 decisions for Christ

Teens have had devotions every night with Pam. It has been a wonderful time to teach them how important it is to have a personal relationship with God and two more have accepted Christ with Perparim

The lady who got saved is the lady who comes faithfully to church, she is the mom of one of the boys who comes every day here at Hope Center for the project “Hands of Hope.”  “Hands of Hope” has had a great impact. The kids who have been part of this project have really changed a lot in their attitude, their results in school have become much better.  We have 10 kids from the village that are coming to Hope Center after school.  We are feeding them and helping them during study time, and even caring for their health needs.  Always, when we go on excursions, we take these kids with the teens from the Hope Center.

Different groups have come and have been a big encouragement and helped us to grow in the Lord. 

TSC Columbia group- we all make a great team, we understand each other very well, the collaboration has always been just great. One of the best things, when we think about TSC,  is the soccer field, we have been able to reach the “gangs” in the community. These kids must go to a service first,  so they have hear God’s word first. Then they get to go outside to play.  People in the community would say to us, don’t allow those teens to come, they are such trouble.  But we have been able to really impact them through this, we are not saying they have become believers, but their attitude is awesome, they don’t cause any problems.  We have been working to build relationships with them to keep them close and treat them with God’s love.    One of these kids now brings his dad in a wheelchair to church.   Perparim and Ledina

Shkoder orphanages and Center of Development:  We work with three different Orphanages.  Baby Orphanage, (22 kids) School Age Orphanage (29 kids) and Center of Development (79 clients, 46 residentials and 33 day care) Total 120 kids

We have had Maringlen Pecaku that recieved Christ. He is growing in the Lord.  Discipleship Training.We have had 8 kids who have finished a 36 lesson series on biblical foundations.  Birthday Celebrations: For each of the 120 kids, gifts were bought.  The kids know that we are always there for them. The greatest time is when we celebrate the birthdays of the new kids who come to the orphanage for the first time. The joy that they transmit is contagious.

Evangelism Outreach:  God allowed us to have Vacation Bible School for the School Age kids for 4 days and twice we had vacation Bible School at the gypsy community. 

Paratetraplegic Association.We held a three day camp with them.We were able to share the good news with them. They are eager to know more.  5- 7 of them come almost in regular basis at our church meetings,conference etc.

Reconstructions: During 2018, we were able to reconstruct the activity room at the School Age Orphange.  Thanks to Mortgage Professionals Providing Hope.  We did the reconstruction of the bathroom at the Paratetraplegic association.

Helping families in need:  During the year, we have been able to help 40 families whose homes were damaged in a flood situation. We did different activities with the kids and their families.  We provided heaters for these families as they had to leave their homes and live in a dormitory for 2 weeks.We shared God’s love in a tangible way.  Through the collaboration with Food Bank, around 280 families have been helped with food parcels.  Many of these families for 4 months during winter months, have been helped even with clothes and blankets that have been provided through donations.  Fredi and Prenda.  

Tirane orphanage with staff and kids!

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