Join the 1000/thousands!

The 1000/Thousands idea was born out of serious financial need. We came up with the 1000/Thousands in order to build an ongoing financial support base for our missionaries.
The six mission works that HFTW Foundation supports are beyond deserving of support. They are the real heroes, as they provide for the needs of people and children by giving water, food, shelter, education, and most of all, the love of Christ to Albania, Honduras, India, Romania, Ethiopia, and Ukraine.
Our first goal is to raise $1.2 million dollars. Which means, we are far from done. We must have more people, organizations, and churches, who believe in these mission works and who will support HFTWF.
Will you consider helping us by becoming one of our 1000/Thousands?

Join the 1000/thousands

Join the 1000/thousands to give them Hope!


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