Nov 2015

Hope for the World Ukraine English Camp

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Laura and Vova Kiserets have been teaching English to Ukrainians and helping to improve their potential in life for several years now. While teaching English in these camps, they also share the love of Christ and how He can change their lives. I caught up with Laura at midnight last night as she was packing her 3 kids to head to the next English Camp 10 hours away and asked her how this week of camp went. “God was at work, we could see it clearly! We had around 50 people attend camp at Ternopil (pictured above). There were two girls that made professions of faith as Pastor Yuriy shared the love of Christ each evening with the group. One of the campers was the teenage daughter of a Catholic priest. At the beginning of the week you could tell that she was there in body, but definitely not in spirit. The last night at the campfire, she was the first to share her impressions of camp and said, “When you said at the beginning of the week that this camp could change our lives, I didn’t believe you. But it did, and I’ve decided that I need to start reading the Bible.” We had 12 campers come to church on Sunday morning, and many of them had never been to church in their lives.” Go with us next summer to Ukraine. We will be hosting a group to teach English and share Christ in one of their camps.