Nov 2015

HFTW India 2015 Update

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In 2015, we added two more Hope Centers (feeding and education center for children) which now gives us 15. We hope to add 5 more in 2016. We took on a new children’s home in Bangalore which houses 27 orphans.  God provided monies for one new water well in Odissa. We need to drill at least 1 or 2 more wells in 2016. We completed the concrete wall that surrounds the Village of Hope. Still praying for the resources to build the dining hall and dorms this coming year. The Lord provided us with some new equipment for our film ministry and over 2,000 people in different remote areas saw the Jesus Movie and many began their relationship with Christ. Our feeding programs continue to feed thousands every year. We hope to plant and build a new church in 2016 and add at least 2 or 3 more missionaries in the coming year. We need to purchase one new motorcycle.