Jan 2016

Hope for the World Ethiopia

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From Gary Bowman, Director of HFTW Ethiopia. I was able to meet with the President of Ethiopia at his palace and discussed the future of HFTW in their country. We discussed two major issues, a medical plan and a plan to develop a child care center in Addis Ababa. We agreed to meet again in the future. HFTW installed a tank and shower for the children at the “Abigal’s Kids” center that we partner with. We gave the children food, toys, school supplies, and God’s Word. These kids were previously living and eating in the dump. They never went to school . They now go to school, eat three meals a day, take showers once a week and they meet with loving, caring Christian teachers. HFTW installed two water pumps that will serve 7,000 people with fresh life giving water. This installation required us to take donkeys to get to the site in the middle of the mountains. The HFTW team worshiped with their largest church in the area. The team also delivered bibles to churches, some of which only had 1-2 bibles in the church. The HFTW team met with the leaders and developed a plan to install a training program for women in the areas of sanitation, personal hygiene, food preparation and food preservation. This program will help every family live longer and happier lives. HFTW is taking another team on January 27, 2016. On this trip, we will install two pumps that will save and serve 6,000 people. We will distribute bibles, worship with their people, and begin the training of women which will save hundreds of lives. The needs are great, the task is great, but our God is greater. We will keep up God’s work to serve God’s people as long as God will let us.