Feb 2016

Stories of Hope

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This is Kusmi from India. Here is her story of Hope. Kusmi is an Indian woman who lives in a mud house between the huge monkey god temple and the land fill. After a Hope For The World missionary pastor led her to begin her relationship with Jesus Christ, Kusmi’s Hindu husband beat her and abandoned her and her children. Kusmi loved Jesus and wanted the pastor to give her a new Bible, although she could not read or write. Sitting with her bible in her lap one day, she cried out to God to touch her and to help her read her Bible. She wanted to know God’s Word and to know Jesus more. One day, as she picked up her Bible, she looked at the words on the page and all of a sudden she knew what the words were saying. In 3 months, she had read the Bible all the way through. She loves Jesus with all of her heart and tells her story to all of her neighbors. When asked if she was afraid to be the only Christian in that place, her reply was, “Oh no, my God is much greater than any fear, and no one can harm me. He is my Protector.”