Two girls in our school age orphanage


Jimmy Franks started HFTW in 1990 after visiting the orphanage in Tirane in the formerly communist country ofIMG_5336Albania. “We walked through the baby orphanage in Tirana. The place had no heat. It was so cold you could see the breath freezing from their little mouths and noses. The little babies were in cribs with cloth diapers that had not been changed and nothing much to feed them besides watery soup. It was a disturbing and emotional experience…” recalls Jimmy. He asked his long-time friend, Roger
Mullins, to go to Albania in 1994. It was then that Roger felt God asking him, through the eyes of the orphan children pleading for help, to join HFTW’s team and help the orphans of Albania. Roger and his wife Cherie have been helping for over 20 years and have literally helped thousands of children coming through their ministry. With 15 Albanian educators/missionaries, they help 6 orphanages, a handicapped center, a senior citizens center and the Hope Center for teens is owned and operated fully by HFTW. They support 2 pastors and a gypsy ministry as well. HFTW Albania touches the lives of over 800 people daily, 480 being children. The hope for the future is to continue helping children so they will become strong leaders for Albania.



Hope Center Albania from HopefortheWorld Foundation on Vimeo.

Albania Promo Video from HopefortheWorld Foundation on Vimeo.