Indian mom and boys
This mom and her two boys live on the blanket pictured behind them at the train station. Someday, HFTW would love to build a shelter for women like her.

HFTW India

Riley and Debbie praying over people in Indian village

Preceding his second trip to India, Riley Shelton had a dream one night about a small house with children inside, he thought that dream was for Africa where they were currently helping, but on his trip to India, near Tamil Nadu, they drove to the very place he had seen in his dream. There were 24 orphans there and they asked him through a translator, “Are you the man God has sent to help us?” In 2003, Feeling called to India, Riley and Debbie gave away a multi-million dollar business in Atlanta, joined our HFTW team, and surrendered to help the people of India by loving them, caring for them, and giving the love of Christ to them. 12 years later, these HFTW Directors, have 21 national missionaries/staff, 15 Hope Centers that feed, educate, and share Christ with children, 6 churches, 4 feeding programs, a hospital ministry, Annual pastor’s conference (over 1,000), 5 wells, and are currently raising the funds to build a new children’s center. 825 people are touched daily by this ministry, 625 of those being children. They have the land for the new “Village of Hope” Center and are currently building as they have the needed funds. This facility will house 120 orphan children and keep them safe and give them “Hope” for a good future.



HFTW India from HopefortheWorld Foundation on Vimeo.