2018 Romania REPORTS!

2018 Romania REPORTS!

What an incredible year we have had in Romania as we celebrated our 23 years as missionaries with HFTW. We had almost 100 people come and help us with reaching out to the villages in Romania in 2018.   From our Evangelism meetings in March, we saw over 65 people begin their relationships with Christ.   Our spring break group, after a 20 hour road trip in a blizzard, came and visited the gypsy villages and held a VBS type program with the kids. 

In 2018, our Children’s Hope after school program was accredited by the European Union and after 15 years of begging our Gypsy families to take the education of their children seriously, we now have a waiting list! We raised $20,000 for the final addition to the school and church and hope to now have 40 students in our after school program.   We have partnered with our local schools to help our kids with their homework and give them a hot meal every day. Of course, it’s all Christian based and all about God, several of the parents have been saved as a result.

Summer was packed with over 500 kids attending Camp Joy.  We have had our third year of soccer camp run by my son, Anthony and visiting teens from America, they were given uniforms and even medals after the week of camp, it was AWESOME.

In the Fall, we had teams visiting and helping with light construction, and we blazed into our Christmas season with over $10,000 given to bring Christmas to over 500 families, with food bags and Christmas gifts for all.

The ladies ministry is growing and Kelly is hoping to bring ladies every quarter on a mission trip to work with them. They are starting to see the importance of Christ in their marriages, and especially forgiveness from their past, in which they are now open to sharing.  This is a huge step for the women and we are so blessed to be part of their healing process!!  Tony and Kelly Collicco, directors for HFTW Romania.  

CAMP JOY 2018!

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